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Welcome to my photography site. I hope you enjoy viewing my images.

I setup my first black and white darkroom in 1969 in junior high school, and have been photographing the world around me ever since. Although the technology has changed from chemicals in a dark room to pixels on a computer, 'what makes a good image' hasn't really changed.

In high school and college I was one of those school newspaper and yearbook photographers and photo editors providing my own and editing others' photos to go with various newspaper articles or yearbook pages.

Years later, photography became an important illustrative tool for my commercial real estate business. Exterior and interior photos of office, apartment and retail buildings helped convey the properties' qualities to distant investor clients in ways words couldn't.

And more recently, I've enjoyed pursuing fine art photography and the challenge of capturing those elusive, good images.

I shoot color and black and white photographs in both film and digital formats. I also continue to print my own images using gallery quality ink and paper.

And lastly, I use printing / framing labs like SmugMug to supplement my own printing and framing services. Feel free to browse and, if you're looking for a unique gift, feel free to buy.

Thanks for visiting.

Dave McCary

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